MHZ ply

MicroHOUSE - Tiny Homes

MicroHOUSE is a range of tiny house designs. These are the most economic homes you can build.
Simply choose a Plan closest to your requirements.
Then personalize to suit your site and living requirements from the wide range of further options.
We will then provide a custom quotation for our various plan options.

SIZES – there are six standard sizes.

MH12042 - 50m²

Shown with Iron Cladding

MH8432 - 30m²

Shown with Ply and Batten Cladding

MH10842 - 45m²

Shown with Axon Cladding

MH7236 - 25m²

Shown with Iron Cladding

MH9636 - 40m²

Shown with Iron Cladding

MH6036 - 20m²

Shown with Iron Cladding

PLANS – these are six standard floor plans

PLAN  MH6036  6.0m x 3.6m  –  20m²

PLAN MH7236  7.2m x 3.6m  –  25m²

PLAN MH8436  8.4m x 3.6m  –  30m²

PLAN MH9636  9.6m x 3.6m  –  40m²

PLAN MH10842  10.8m x 4.2m  –  45m²

PLAN MH12042  12.0m x 4.2m  – 50m²

These Base Floor Plans can be built as they are or personalised to clients’ requirements.
Personalised options include:
a) Choosing Foundation type
b) Selecting Cladding
c) Changing door and window sizes or positions
d) Changing or adding interior walls
e) Changing or adding services (Bathrooms, Laundries)
f) Selecting interior lining and doors

QUOTE – request a MicroHOUSE Plan Quote

Simply choose a STYLE and FLOOR PLAN above that is closest to your requirements.
Then fill in the MicroHOUSE DESIGN details below.
From the information below, we will do an online site assessment to check the design is suitable for your site and provide a quote for your requested plans.