SmartKITSETS has been specifically designed for Builders wanting to promote and build smaller residential buildings.

There is currently a standard range of Styles and Floor Plans that can be quickly modified to produce over 6,000 unique Designs each of which can be customised by changing exterior joinery and interior walls.

Current Designs cater for:

Buildings to 30m² but not having plumbing services can be non-consentable.

All Buildings with plumbing or needing to be closer to boundaries and dwellings than their maximum ground to roof height, can have Building Consents.

Builders Options

Plans are available to all licensed builders. SmartKITSET plans enable Builders to:


Building and Building Consent Plans are easy to follow standard format building plans and may be printed in A3 or A4 format.
Used with Manufacturing Plans (these include Material Schedules) builders can lower their on-site time as well as administration time. 


Manufacturing Plans enable all major components to be built off-site.

These include Framing, Roofing and Cladding.These, and components like Foundations, Insulation and Lining, that can be supplied directly from suppliers, can be supplied to a DIY owner-builder.

Builders will also supply SmartKITSET’S unique DIY Assembly Plans to their clients enabling the client to complete a fully code compliant building.

NOTE: The DIYers only need familiarity with and access to common handyman tools.

Builders Network

We are looking to establish a small network of builders wanting to promote SmartKITSET designs.

SmartPLANZ has been producing plans to the public for many years.

Due to the marketing of DIY plans we get a good percentage of people wanting kitset or material supplies.

So this has lead to our wanting to establish a network of proven reliable licenced builders whom we can recommend to clients and who are capable of promotion of SmartKITSET designs.

Builders interested please contact us below for a link to full details.

Builders Contact

Builders wanting more information or interested in being part of the Network please fill out form below: