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SmartKITSETS offers a unique range of Plans for Builders and DIY Owner-Builders.
They are designed for Builders wanting to minimise time on site, or those wanting to provide Kitset supply to clients.
They are also designed for DIY owner-builders wishing to build their own project.

MicroHOUSE -

Tiny Homes

MicroHOUSE is a range of designs for those wanting an economic Tiny Home that includes kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. We have a range of styles and floor plans that may be modified into over 100 unique sets of Building Plans. Some typical MicroHOUSE designs shown with various claddings:
MicroHOUSE 12042 - Iron Cladding
MicroHOUSE 10836 - Axon Cladding
MicroHOUSE 8436 - Ply and Batten Cladding
MicroHOUSE 9636 - Iron Cladding
MicroHOUSE 8436 - Weatherboard Cladding
MicroHOUSE 7236 - Iron Cladding


consentable with services

Consentable Cabins include those having toilets, bathrooms or laundries, or those over 30m².
We have a range of styles and floor plans that may be modified into over 2,000 unique sets of Building Plans.

Some typical Cabin Styles with various claddings:

PENT TRADITIONAL Cabin - Weatherboard Cladding
NOVA ZEN Cabin - Ply and Batten Cladding
CABLE ZEN Cabin - Iron Cladding
NOVA TRADITIONAL Cabin - Iron Cladding
PENT ZEN Cabin - Plywood Cladding
CHALET TRADITIONAL Cabin - Weatherboard Cladding


non-consentable to 30m² and without plumbing

Sleepouts are non-consentable habitable buildings to 30m² and not having any plumbing services.
We have a range of styles and floor plans that may be modified into over 3,000 unique designs.

Some typical Sleepout styles with various claddings:

PENT TRADITIONAL Sleepout - Weatherboard Cladding
PENT ZEN Sleepout - Plywood Cladding
GABLE TRADITIONAL Sleepout - Weatherboard Cladding
CHALET TRADITIONAL - Weatherboard Cladding
NOVA TRADITIONAL Sleepout - Iron Cladding
CHALET ZEN Sleepout - Plywood Cladding


DIY to 10m² non-consentable

Sleepouts up to 10m² designed for DIY build, non-nonsentable.
We have a range of styles and plans that may be modified into over 300 unique sets of Manufacturing and DIY Assembly Plans.

Some typical 10m² Sleepout styles with various claddings:

VOGUE Sleepout - Weatherboard Cladding
GABLE Sleepout - Weatherboard Cladding
AVANTI Sleepout - Hardiplank Cladding
CITY LOFT Sleepout - Plywood Cladding
GABLE LOFT Sleepout - Axon Cladding
NOVA LOFT Sleepout - Iron Cladding


sheds and sleepouts

Garages may be consentable, over 30m² or with bathrooms, or non-consentable, no bigger than 30m² and without plumbing.
We have a range of styles and plans that may be modified offering over 900 unique sets of Building Designs.

Some typical Garage styles with various claddings:

PENT ZEN Garage - Weatherboard Cladding
GABLE TRADITIONAL Garage - Iron Cladding
NOVA ZEN Garage - Weatherboad Cladding


BUILDING PLANS – for non-consentable buildings
CONSENT PLANS – for consentable buildings
MANUFACTURING PLANS – for off-site build
DIY ASSEMBLY PLANS – for non-licenced builders/home owners

SmartKITSETS provide a unique range of drawings for Builders and Owner-Builders.
They include full building plans for non-consentable and consentable buildings, Manufacturing plans for those wanting to build components off-site, or builders wanting to offer client’s an alternative material supply to a traditional kitset.
We also provide 3D Assembly plans for home-owner DIY builders enabling them to achieve a code-compliant project.

Some typical plan drawings


Our range of Styles and Base Floor Plans comprise over 3600 specific designs.
All of these can be modified to client’s requirements.
These unique designs can then be had as any of the four Plan types shown above.

a) Choose a Style

b) Choose a Floor Plan closest to your requirements

c) Customise the Floor Plan on the Quote Request Form

SmartKITSETS will then do an online assessment of your site to see that your requirements comply with Building Code for your area, and provide a quote for the various types of plans you have requested,